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Health News on July 1, 2011

Heart transplant patients 'likelier to suffer from serious skin cancers'
Heart transplant patients are more likely to suffer from serious skin cancers, including cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma, according to a new study. ANI

Red wine prevents ill effects of sedentary desk job, spaceflight
A new study has suggested that a "healthy" ingredient contained in red wine may prevent the negative effects that spaceflight and sedentary lifestyles have on people. cientists studied rats that underwent simulated weightlessness by hindlimb tail suspension and were given a daily oral load of resveratrol. ANI

'Vitamin D deficiency' may have led to Mozart's, Mahler's untimely deaths
According to a new study, famous musicians Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Gustav Mahler may have died due to vitamin D deficiency. ANI

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