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Health News on January 4, 2011

Vitamin D deficiencies linked to onset of autoimmune lung disease
Vitamin D deficiency could be linked to the development and severity of certain autoimmune lung diseases, according to a new study. ANI

Diet of nuts 'makes you pile on the pounds'
Dieters who snack on nuts, seeds or dried fruit could actually be putting on weight, rather than losing it, say researchers. ANI

Diabetic women with depression at higher risk of dying from heart disease
A new study has suggested that older women who suffer from both diabetes and depression are at a higher risk of dying from all causes, including heart disease, over a six-year period. ANI

Healthy habits in youth linked to better cholesterol levels in adulthood
A new study has suggested that adopting healthy habits in youth is associated with more favourable cholesterol levels in adulthood. ANI

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