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Health News on January 25, 2011

Obese people 'more likely to have mental health problems'
An Australian study has found that people who are obese are more likely to have mental health problems. ANI

Thin crust pizzas not necessarily a healthier option
Thin crust pizzas are sometimes the unhealthiest, reveals a new survey. ANI

Stress management program benefits patients with heart disease
Scientists have found that a cognitive behavioral therapy program focusing on stress management decreases the risk of recurrent heart attacks and other cardiovascular events in patients with heart disease. ANI

Lowering BP in middle-aged women cuts heart disease risk
A new study has suggested that middle-aged women can reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease by lowering their blood pressure. ANI

Weight loss plus walking 'can improve mobility in older, obese adults'
A new Wake Forest University study has suggested that weight loss combined with walking can improve mobility by 20 percent in older, obese adults with poor heart health. ANI

Blocking rogue gene could halt the spread of most cancers
University of East Anglia scientists have discovered a rogue gene, which - if blocked by the right drugs - could stop cancer in its tracks.he culprit gene - known as WWP2 - is an enzymic bonding agent found inside cancer cells. It attacks and breaks down a natural inhibitor in the body that normally prevents cancer cells spreading. ANI

Rising indoor winter temperatures associated with obesity
Increases in winter indoor temperatures in developed countries may be contributing to rises in obesity in those populations, according to UCL research. ANI

Smoking linked to increased risk of br*ast cancer
A new study has revealed that smoking before menopause, especially prior to giving birth, may be associated with a modest increase in the risk of developing br*ast cancer. ANI

New vaccine against pneumonia 'to save thousands of lives'
A new vaccine against pneumonia is being introduced in Africa and some other countries across the world. ANI

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