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Health News on January 23, 2011

Tara Stile's rebel yoga drawing flak from purists
Tara Stile, who has reinvented what it means to practice yoga, is drawing flak from traditional practitioners for her unconventional approach. ANI

UK surgeons call for changes in weight-loss surgery rules
With modern lifestyles, excessive weight is an increasingly common condition resulting in greater health risks. ANI

Growing insecurity, stress in society leads to obesity epidemic
Researchers have suggested that the obesity epidemic is substantially due to growing insecurity, stress, and a sense of powerlessness in societies where high-sugar and high-fat foods are increasingly omnipresent.he new research was carried by Jon D. Wisman and Kevin W. Capehart at American University in Washington, D.C. ANI

Most Aussies failed to lose weight in 2010 due to bad advice
One in two Australians tired to shed some extra kilos in 2010, but failed because of bad advice, suggests a new research. ANI

New ready-made meals help you shed '10 lb in 4 weeks'
A supermarket has introduced a range of ready-made meal that can deliver a 10lb weight loss in four weeks - without any exercise, say experts. ANI

Now, a breath test that tells you when fat starts to burn off in gym
British scientists have developed a breathalyser that tells how much fat you are burning off at the gym. ANI

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