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Health News on January 18, 2011

Common antibiotics, BP medications a bad mix: Study
A new study has found that mixing commonly used antibiotics with common blood pressure medications may cause hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure) and induce shock in older patients, requiring hospitalization. ANI

Kidney gene linked to increased heart failure risk
A new study has identified the first DNA sequence variant common in the population that is linked to an increased risk of heart failure, and appears to play a role in causing it. ANI

Stem cells from patients could help test cardiac disease treatments
Stem cells derived from a patient with an inherited heart disease could help test specific treatments for the disease, known as long QT syndrome, say scientists. ANI

Smoking is the main reason why men die sooner than women
A new research has revealed that smoking accounts for up to 60 percent of the gender gap in death rates across Europe, and kills twice as many men as alcohol. ANI

Heart failure patients admitted to general wards more likely to die
A new study has found that heart failure patients admitted to general wards are twice as likely to die as those admitted to cardiology wards. ANI

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