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Health News on January 12, 2011

Foods that will sabotage your diet
It's a new year and a time when many of us resolve to lose weight - but dieting is tricky - low calorie or low fat, sugar free or fat free? Now an expert points out the foods that will definitely sabotage your diet. ANI

5 easy steps to pump up your heart
Want to keep your heart healthy? Then you need to know the following. ANI

New way to stop pancreatic cancer in early stages discovered
Scientists at the University of Oklahoma have found a novel way to stop early stage pancreatic cancer. ANI

New pill helps obese shed 2 pounds a week without changing their diets
A new fat-busting pill could help obese people shed two pounds a week - without changing their diets. ANI

Common painkillers increase risk of heart problems: Study
A new study has associated common painkillers to increased risk of heart problems. ANI

Taking regular breaks from sitting good for heart, waistline
Get up and move around as often as you can, for it's good for your heart and waistline, says a new study. ANI

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