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Health News on January 10, 2011

Nutrient drinks are 'lolly waters with exaggerated health claims'
A new study has suggested that nutrient enhanced water drinks are "expensive lolly waters" with exaggerated health claims. ANI

Shorter gaps in pregnancies 'up risk of autism' in second sibling
A new study has reported that pregnancies with less than thirty-six months gap leads to a higher risk of autism in the second sibling. ANI

Prozac 'helps stroke patients recover from paralysis'
A new study has found that giving stroke patients antidepressant pill Prozac soon after the event, could help their recovery from paralysis. ANI

Slimming products may 'up risk of heart attacks and strokes'
Oz authorities have warned consumers about imported slimming products, citing the increased risk of heart attacks and strokes after consumption. ANI

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