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Health News on February 9, 2011

5 ways to lower your cholesterol
Lowering cholesterol is one of the most imperative things to do to promote overall heart health. And now Metamucil and Dr. Michael Roizen, Chairman of the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic and host of the upcoming PBS series, "Younger You," have suggested five things you need to do to lower your cholesterol. ANI

Loneliness 'ups risk of inflammatory diseases'
A new study has revealed that chronically lonely people may be at higher risk for certain types of inflammatory disease because their feelings of social isolation trigger the activity of pro-inflammatory immune cells. ANI

Dogs could be the key to getting sedentary teens off the couch
A new study on dog ownership and adolescent physical activity has revealed that the key to get your sedentary teen off the couch is bringing a 'fun loving', 'furry' dog home. ANI

Lack of sleep 'ups risk of colon cancer'
A groundbreaking new study has found that lack of sleep is associated with an increase risk of colon cancer. ANI

E-ciggies 'are a promising tool to help smokers quit'
A new study has found that electronic cigarettes are a promising tool to help smokers quit, producing six-month abstinence rates nearly double those for traditional nicotine replacement products. ANI

Late nights 'increase risk of strokes, heart attacks'
Prolonged sleep deprivation and disrupted sleep patterns can have long-term, serious health implications, new research from Warwick Medical School shows. ANI

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