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Health News on February 23, 2011

How tansy may be a herpes treatment
Scientists from Britain and Spain believe tansy may work as a treatment for herpes. ANI

Higher vitamin D intake needed to cut cancer risk
Scientists have reported that markedly higher intake of vitamin D is needed to reach blood levels that can prevent or markedly cut the incidence of breast cancer and several other major diseases than had been originally thought. ANI

One drink a day keeps heart disease at bay
A new research has found that people who drink alcohol in moderation (about one drink a day or less) are 14-25 percent less likely to develop heart disease compared to those who drink no alcohol at all. ANI

Organic fruit and veggies 'are less nutritious and do not taste better'
Those who have been spending money on organic fruit and vegetables are in for a shock. ANI

Taking aspirin for heart disease prevention is less costly, more effective
A new study has suggested that using aspirin for coronary heart prevention is less costly and more effective than doing nothing in men older than 45 with more than 10 percent 10-year-risk of the disease. ANI

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