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Health News on February 2, 2011

New measles vaccine that can be inhaled shows promise
A research team has developed and successfully tested a dry powder, live-attenuated measles vaccine that can be inhaled. ANI

Mother's stroke history 'can help predict daughter's heart attack risk'
A new research has suggested that a mother's stroke history can help predict her daughter's risk of heart attack. ANI

Popeye's muscles were really down to spinach
'Superfood' spinach actually gave 'Popeye the Sailor Man' his bulging muscles, suggests a new study. ANI

Loneliness a 'hidden killer' that threatens health as much as obesity
Loneliness can affect all age groups but can be particularly harmful to the elderly, according to British campaigners. ANI

Patients with high cholesterol' 'not getting the treatment they need'
The largest ever study of 147 million people has claimed that most people around the globe with high cholesterol are not getting the right kind of treatment. ANI

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