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Health News on February 18, 2011

Smoking, exercise influence Vitamin E's effect on pneumonia risk
Vitamin E supplementation may decrease or increase, or may have no effect, on the risk of pneumonia depending on the level of smoking and leisure time exercise, according to a study. ANI

Mobile-phone use not linked to increased brain cancer risk
A study by University of Manchester scientists suggests that radio frequency exposure from cell phone use does not increase the risk of developing brain cancers by any significant amount. ANI

Nasal spray flu vaccine one step closer
A University of Adelaide research has suggested that a universal flu vaccine delivered by a simple nasal spray is a step closer. ANI

Cancer-killing medical 'smart bomb' comes closer to reality
Scientists have moved a step closer to creating a medical 'smart bomb' that would seek out and eradicate the root of cancer cells - by developing the world's first cancer stem cell-targeting chemical missile. ANI

What your legs say about your heart health
When it comes to heart health, you shouldn't ignore your legs, say experts. ANI

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