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Health News on February 16, 2011

Calorie labelling has no effect on food purchases: Study
A new study has challenged the idea that calorie labelling has an effect on the purchasing behaviour of teenagers or what parents purchase for their children. ANI

Scientists 1 step closer to developing treatment for chikungunya
Scientists have moved a step closer to developing a treatment for chikungunya, a disease spread by the Aedes mosquito. ANI

Kids of working mums 'are up to 3 times more likely to be ill'
A new study has found that the children of working mothers are up to three times more likely to be ill. ANI

Common bone drugs may cut colon cancer risk
Scientists have found that the use of bisphosphonates - drugs already taken by millions of healthy women to prevent bone-loss - for more than one year is associated with a 50 percent reduction in the risk of postmenopausal colorectal cancer. ANI

Mediation boosts brain health - and just in a few months
A new study Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has found that regular meditation can boost brain health and results begin to show in just a few months. ANI

Losing hair at 20 linked to increased risk of prostate cancer
A French study has found that men who start to lose hair at the age of 20 are more likely to develop prostate cancer in later life. he research compared 388 men being treated for prostate cancer with a control group of 281 healthy men and found that those with the disease were twice as likely as the healthy men to have started going bald when they were 20. ANI

Zinc 'can treat the common cold'
A team of scientists, including an Indian-origin researcher, believes that zinc supplements can reduce the severity and duration of illness caused by the common cold. ANI

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