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Health News on February 10, 2011

Awareness about kidney risks posed by diabetes 'very low'
According to a multi-cultural study, the first time that many patients realise that diabetes can affect their kidneys is when they are referred to renal services. ANI

Doctors warn of catastrophic consequences from using Dr Google
Doctors have issued warnings over the usage of Dr Google to make a self-diagnosis, saying it could lead to catastrophic consequences.he warning comes as it was revealed that four in five Australians are turning to the web for health information and nearly half of those are using Dr Google. ANI

Breakfast is important, especially for teen mums and their kids
A new study has found that teen mothers who eat breakfast have healthier weights and snacking habits, and may influence healthy eating habits among their children. ANI

New medical treatment freezes away extra body fat
A Harvard University scientist has developed a new medical treatment that freezes extra fat and tightens the skin. ANI

What makes fructose fattening?
New research at Oregon Health and Science University demonstrates that the brain - which serves as a master control for body weight - reacts differently to fructose compared with another common sweetener, glucose. ANI

Obese people 'more likely to slim down if they're paid'
A U.S. study has says that obese people may be more likely to slim down if they have money riding on their success through financial incentives - but the weight might creep back once the monetary carrot is gone. ANI

Walking in the park is the key to better health
Penn State researchers have said that the payoff for investing in public parks and recreation sites may be healthier, more physically fit residents and a less strained healthcare system. ANI

Diet soda ups risk of vascular events; high salt intake linked to stroke
Two separate studies have found that drinking diet soda may raise odds of vascular events and high salt consumption is associated with risk of ischemic strokes. ANI

Eating cheese every day 'could increase bladder cancer risk'
New research suggests that a daily helping of cheese could increase the risk of bladder cancer. ANI

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