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Health News on December 5, 2011

Soon, spam filters to tackle HIV
The inventor of Microsoft's spam filter believes that the principle behind keeping spam out of inboxes can also work to keep the AIDS virus at bay. ANI

Tiny genetic variation can predict outcome of ovarian cancer treatment
A tiny genetic variation predicts chances of survival and response to treatment for patients with ovarian cancer, a new study has shown. ANI

Defects in brain signalling pathways behind ADHD
US researchers analysing genetic influences in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have found alterations in specific genes involved in important brain signalling pathways. ANI

Human cells lock up 'deadly' Shigella bacteria in cages
Scientists have discovered a new defensive weapon, a cytoskeletal protein called septin, which is deployed by humans cells to cage the invading Shigella bacteria that causes potentially fatal human diarrhea. ANI

Novel reprogramming mechanism for tumour cells discovered
Scientists have identified a protein that regulates the expression of hundreds of genes that have a crucial role in the progression of pancreatic cancer, gliomas and possibly many other kinds of tumor. ANI

Chicken and eggs can boost memory function
Including eggs and chicken in one's diet may help boost memory, a new study has found. ANI

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