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Health News on August 8, 2011

Menstruation, genes and a sudden stress relief behind migraine
Most migraine sufferers blame the onset of debilitating headaches on thunderstorms, rain and a sudden change in temperature. ANI

People working 50 hrs a week at 3-fold risk for alcohol addiction
People who work at least 50 hours a week are three times more likely to develop alcohol-related problems than those who didn't work as much, a New Zealand study has found. ANI

Simple ovarian cancer test to be available in 2-yrs after faulty gene discovery
The "landmark" discovery of a single faulty gene, which increases a woman's risk of ovarian cancer six-fold, has paved the way for a simple a diagnostic test that could be available in two years. ANI

Exercise a 'wonder' drug to beat cancer and stop it from recurring
Regular exercise like brisk walking, swimming, cycling and playing badminton acts like a 'super drug' for cancer survivors and can stop the disease returning, according to a new study. ANI

Fatty comfort foods really make people brighten their bad mood!
Ever thought why we reach for ice cream, pizza and other fatty foods when we're feeling down? There may be a scientific reason. ANI

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