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Health News on August 31, 2011

Partner violence impacts both physical and mental health
A new study from the UCLA Centre for Health Policy Research has revealed that victims who suffer violence at the hands of a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, or other intimate partner aren't only brutalized physically, but they also suffer disproportionately higher rates of mental health distress. ANI

Want to cut flab with minimum effort? Wear fat-burning underpants
Do you want to shed those extra pounds with minimum effort? Well, then just slip into a pair of fat-burning underpants. ANI

Flame retardant chemicals linked to lower birth weight babies
A new study led by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley's School of Public Health, has indicated that exposure during pregnancy to flame retardant chemicals commonly found in the home is linked to lower birth weight babies. ANI

Climate change 'to worsen childhood asthma in future'
Climate change may trigger a surge in asthma-related health problems in children and more emergency room (ER) visits in the next decade, according to a new study. ANI

Coming soon, a sunscreen pill made of natural tropical corals
Scientists have identified a new compound that can be used to "create a sunscreen for human use". ANI

Over 4pc of all babies born live in India died during the 1st month of life
A new study has found that more than half of all neonatal mortality - deaths in newborns, aged 3 weeks and under - in 2009 occurred in India, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. ANI

Aerobic exercise the most effective way to lose belly fat
A new study has found that aerobic exercise is the best bet when it comes to losing that dreaded belly fat. ANI

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