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Health News on August 25, 2011

Soy, nuts and plant sterols lower cholesterol better than low fat diets
People who are counselled to eat a diet that combined cholesterol-lowering foods such as soy protein, nuts and plant sterols over 6 months have lower cholesterol levels than those on a low-saturated fat diet, according to a new study. ANI

Pakistan's general population under increasing risk of HIV epidemic
An international team of researchers has found that rates of HIV have increased in Pakistan's general population, as the virus has spread beyond at-risk groups to women and their children. ANI

Want to enjoy healthy and longer life? Exercise regular and eat healthily
Previous studies had showed the key to living a longer life was all in our genes. However, new medical advice has suggested that our genetic make-up contribute just 25 percent to how long we live. ANI

Undernutrition early in life increases risk of heart disease later
Undernutrition, particularly in the adolescent years, increases the risk of coronary heart disease in later life, a new study has shown. ANI

How HIV infects healthy T cells and leads to the development of AIDS
The specific process by which the HIV virus infects healthy T cells was unknown, until now. ANI

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