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Health News on April 22, 2011

'Tough love' may prevent obese people from exercising!
Melbourne, April 22: A new study has proved that teasing and criticising an obese family member or pal can backfire instead of motivating them to lose weight. ANI

Severely obese teens 'no more likely to be depressed'
Severely obese adolescents are no more likely to be depressed than normal weight peers, according to a three-year study. ANI

Prenatal pesticide exposure lowers kids' IQ
A new study has found that prenatal exposure to common insecticide is associated with deficit in kids' IQ and working memory at age 7. ANI

New contraceptive pills 'likelier to double blood clot risk'
A U.S. study has found that newer brands of contraceptive pill may increase more than double the risk of dangerous blood clots compared with older types. ANI

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