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Health News on April 20, 2011

Now, an 'electronic nose' that can sniff out cancer from patient's breath!
London, April 20: Scientists have successfully developed a breath test that can detect cancer with an "electronic nose". ANI

Energy saving light bulbs 'contains carcinogenic chemicals'
Researchers have warned that use of energy saving light bulbs contain cancer-causing chemicals. ANI

Program developed to help children say 'no' to alcohol, substance abuse
A team of scientists have developed a program to help children and young adults stay away from alcohol and substance abuse. ANI

Link between breast implants and rare form of cancer confirmed
A study has confirmed that breast implants are associated with a rare form of lymphoma, though there is no evidence yet to show that they cause cancer. ANI

Dieters misled by food names end up eating more unhealthy foods
A new research has indicated that dieters are so involved with trying to eat virtuously that they are more likely than non-dieters to choose unhealthy foods that are labelled as healthy. ANI

Wipes and gels no match for soap and water in fight against germs
Hand gels and wipes are no substitute for soap and water when it comes to hygiene during visit to farms, according to health experts. ANI

10 yrs in a desk job can double bowel cancer risk even if you go to the gym!
Here's bad news for those who sit in front of a computer all day at work. ANI

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