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Health News on October 27, 2010

Strong marriages can reduce rheumatoid arthritis patients' pain
A new study has revealed that strong marriages for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA)-a painful and debilitating condition-is associated with experiencing less pain and enjoying better functioning and quality of life. ANI

Lifestyle intervention can do wonders for obese people
Two new studies have suggested that lifestyle interventions such as physical activity and structured weight loss programs can lead to significant weight loss in obese people. ANI

Consuming junk food 'harms brain health'
Apart from being responsible for the flab on body, processed food also harms behaviour and emotional health of children, suggests a new study. ANI

Trendy new 'Ice Cube Diet' may not live up to its promises: Dietitian
A dietitian has cast doubts on the new 'Ice Cube Diet' that promises to melt away pounds by simply popping a "Hoodia satiety cube" into the drink of your choice once a day. ANI

Following healthy lifestyle tips could prevent bowel cancer
A new study has indicated that almost a quarter of colorectal (bowel) cancer cases could be prevented if people followed healthy lifestyle advice in five areas including diet and exercise. ANI

Why men are at greater risk than women for gum disease
University of Maryland Dental School researchers have indicated that sex hormones may be the biological reason why men are at greater risk than women for destructive periodontitis, an infection of the gums. ANI

High resting heart rate may shorten life
A direct link between heart rate at rest and risk of death in people with stable heart disease has been found in a study. ANI

Just 5 minutes of 'green' exercise could improve mental health
A new research has suggested that just five minutes of outdoor activity - such as exercising in a park, working in a backyard garden or walking on a nature trail - is good for the brain, with tangible benefits for mental health. ANI

Desk jobs 'can kill you'
For those with desk jobs, doing exercises while sitting can make a lot of difference, suggests a new study. ANI

Anti-obesity drugs dull brain pleasure centres to 'food porn'
Anti Obesity drugs might make that pastry look a lot less appetizing, according to scientists at the University of Cambridge. ANI

Taller men at higher risk of testicular cancer: Experts
U.S experts have revealed that taller men may have a higher risk of getting testicular cancer. ANI

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