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Health News on October 26, 2010

HMV voucher bribe for Brit teen girls to have cervical 'promiscuity' jab
Teenage girls in Britain are being bribed with high street shopping vouchers to receive a highly controversial vaccine. ANI

Fish oil may also lower incidence of gum disease
A new study has found that dietary intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) like fish oil, known to have anti-inflammatory properties, shows promise for the effective treatment and prevention of periodontitis, a common inflammatory disease in which gum tissue separates from teeth. ANI

Wheezing and allergies in kids could be determined in the womb
A new study has suggested that whether a child will develop allergies or wheezing is closely related to how he or she grew at vital stages in the womb. ANI

Gloves may not protect your food from harmful bacteria
If you think plastic gloves-worn by deli handlers, fast food operators and lunch ladies-keep your food cleaner and safer to eat, then you could be wrong as gloved too contribute bacteria to food, say scientists. ANI

Skipping breakfast too often 'ups heart disease risk'
Leaving the house on an empty stomach increases the risk of potentially deadly heart disease, says a new research. ANI

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