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Health News on October 22, 2010

Drunkorexia, the dangerous new booze-diet fad to stay skinny
Drunkorexia-a new trend that involves not eating in order to save calories for alcohol-is gaining momentum amongst youngsters. ANI

WHO disputes Lancet's report on number of malaria deaths in India
The World Health Organization has disputed the findings of a study on malaria that claimed the number of Indians dying from the mosquito-borne disease each year 13 times higher than the United Nations health agency's estimate. ANI

Perception of diseases determines its impact on patients
Researchers at the University of Granada have stated that, "the idea that patients have of their disease affects their own coping and adaptation to it". ANI

Hand sanitizers stop working after just 2 minutes: Study
Are you under the impression that hand sanitizers keep the germs at bay? Well, here's the reality, they stop working after just two minutes. ANI

Sitting too long at work can be 'dangerous'
Sitting too long at work can be dangerous for your health, suggest experts. ANI

Parent-only treatment may be equally effective for childhood obesity
A new study has revealed that parent-only treatments for childhood Obesity work equally as well as plans that include parents and child. ANI

Steroid jabs for tennis elbow do 'more harm than good'
A new study has indicated that using steroid injections for tendon problems like tennis elbow could do more harm than good. ANI

Taking aspirin daily may help prevent bowel cancer
A new study has suggested that a daily aspirin tablet helps protect against bowel cancer. ANI

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