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Health News on October 21, 2010

Indian-origin scientist discovers cold virus that kills cancer
A study lead by a scientist of Indian origin discovered that a common virus, which can cause coughing and mild diarrhoea, has an ability to kill cancer. ANI

Eating whole grains may cut risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes
A new study has suggested that people who consume several servings of whole grains per day while limiting daily intake of refined grains appear to have less of a type of fat tissue thought to play a key role in triggering cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. ANI

Women grapple with chemotherapy effects even after treatment ends
Researchers have studied the after effects of chemotherapy as for some women, the effects of breast cancer, the most common cancer affecting women, do not end when they leave the hospital. ANI

Coffee or tea consumption may lower brain cancer risk
A new study has indicated that consuming coffee or tea daily may reduce the chances of developing brain cancer. ANI

Malaria deaths in India '13 times more than WHO estimate'
A new research has found that the number of deaths caused by malaria in India is much more than estimated.he research concludes that more than 200,000 people in country succumb to the disease and the number of deaths is 13 times more than the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates. ANI

Severe burn injuries in children 'cause depletion of Vitamin E'
A new study has revealed that severe burn injuries in children have been shown to rapidly deplete the levels of vitamin E in their body's adipose, or fat tissues. ANI

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