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Health News on November 30, 2010

Apple-shaped women 'more likely to develop osteoporosis'
A new study by US researchers has found that overweight, apple-shaped women are more at risk of developing osteoporosis than those who are pear-shaped. ANI

Weight Watchers unveils revolutionary revamp of popular diet plan
The biggest news in the weight loss world is that Weight Watchers, the company that has helped millions of people lose those extra pounds, is changing its diet formula. ANI

Moderate alcohol consumption cuts 'risk of metabolic diseases'
Researchers have found that moderate drinkers tend to have about 30 per cent lower risk of developing late onset diabetes than do non-drinkers, and moderate drinkers also tend to be at lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome. ANI

New mechanism for controlling blood sugar level discovered
Scientists have discovered for the first time a new mechanism through which our body controls the levels of sugar in our blood after a meal. ANI

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