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Health News on November 2, 2010

Adding monounsaturated fats to diet 'improves cholesterol levels'
A new study found that the addition of monounsaturated fat (MUFA) to a cholesterol-lowering dietary portfolio in patients with mild to moderate elevated cholesterol levels increased HDL by 12.5 percent and lowered LDL levels by 35 percent. ANI

Daffodils may harbour brain cancer cure
Scientists have discovered narciclasine, a natural compound found in daffodil bulbs, may be a powerful therapeutic against biologically aggressive forms of human brain cancers. ANI

Inhaled steroids up diabetes risk: Study
A new research has found that inhaled steroids increase the risk of diabetes. ANI

Cure for the common cold a step closer
Scientists have moved a step closer to a cure for the common cold and the winter vomiting bug after they pinpointed a vital mechanism the body uses to fight off viruses. ANI

Heart patients better off eating a KFC Double Down than one egg yolk!
Consuming one egg yolk can increase chances of vascular diseases much more than eating a Double Down from Kentucky Fried Chicken, says a new study. ANI

Cut salt from your diet 'to prevent heart disease'
A new research has shown that heart disease could be cut by almost a fifth if food companies were banned from adding too much salt to their products. ANI

People who exercise regularly 'less likely to get a cold'
A new research has indicated that people who are physically fit and active have fewer and milder colds. ANI

What a pregnant woman eats, drinks, feels affects baby well into adulthood
It's a known fact that a mother's diet affects her baby's health, but new studies are showing that these effects are carried out well into adulthood. ANI

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