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Health News on November 19, 2010

Moderate alcohol intake may benefit kidney transplant patients
A study has pointed out that moderate alcohol consumption among kidney transplant recipients appears to reduce one's risk of developing diabetes and dying prematurely. ANI

E. coli infection linked to heart disease risk
A new study has found that people who contract gastroenteritis from drinking water contaminated with E. coli are at an increased risk of developing high blood pressure, kidney problems and heart disease in later life. ANI

Pomegranate juice 'can help combat kidney disease'
A new research has suggested that pomegranate juice can help combat kidney disease. ANI

Low fat food 'isn't healthy if it's high in sugar'
A new research has found that a diet high in sugar can cause health damage even when a person is not overweight. ANI

Full-body airport scanners 'just as likely to kill you as a terrorist's bomb'
A leading US scientist has warned that full-body airport scanners are just as likely to kill you as a terrorist's bomb blowing your plane out of the sky. ANI

Caring for inmates will boost public health, say experts
Experts in Texas and England have concluded that improving the mental and physical health of inmates will improve public health. ANI

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