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Health News on November 18, 2010

Tiny particles in computers, shampoos 'can adversely affect lungs'
A new study by the University of Edinburgh has shown that tiny particles used in a range of everyday products from computers to shampoo can adversely affect the lungs in very different ways. ANI

Patients' own stem cells could be used as treatment for their heart disease
Scientists are revolutionizing treatment of cardiovascular disease by using patients' own stem cells to regenerate heart and vascular tissue. ANI

Stem cells from aged, damaged hearts could be used to treat heart failure
A new research has suggested that cardiac stem cells - even in elderly and sick patients - could generate new heart muscle and vessel tissue and be used to treat heart failure. ANI

Increasing blood levels of 'good' cholesterol 'cuts heart disease risk'
Scientists have found that increasing blood levels of 'good' cholesterol or HDL works better at protecting against heart diseases than statins, drugs that lower levels of low-density lipoprotein ('bad' cholesterol or LDL). ANI

Short blast of radio waves to kidneys 'can help control high BP'
A new study has shown that a short blast of radio waves to the kidneys can help control high blood pressure in patients who do not respond to medication. ANI

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