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Health News on November 17, 2010

Smoke from fireworks is hazardous to health
Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA-CSIC) researchers have concluded that the metallic particles in the smoke emitted by fireworks pose a health risk, particularly to people who suffer from asthma. ANI

Smoking and radiation therapy for head, neck cancers don't mix
Researchers have found that patients with head and neck cancer who have never smoked have much better survival rates after radiation therapy than patients with a history of smoking. ANI

Fat outside of the arteries linked to cardiovascular disease
A new research has found that fat around the outside of arteries may lead to the development of cardiovascular disease and could be linked to its onset in individuals with diabetes. ANI

Heart surgery can cause strokes, seizures
Loyola University Health System neurologists have reported that strokes, seizures and other neurological complications related to heart surgery account for "considerable morbidity and mortality." ANI

Stem cells taken from belly could be used as a treatment for heart attacks
Stem cells derived from belly fat could be used to treat heart attacks, says a new study. ANI

2 glasses of wine a day in mid-life could make women healthier in old age
New research suggests that middle-aged women who enjoy a couple of glasses of wine a day have a healthier old age. ANI

Garlic could help treat hypertension
A new study has suggested that garlic may be useful in addition to medication to treat high blood pressure. ANI

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