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Health News on November 10, 2010

New affordable vaccine offers hope in fight against meningitis
A new vaccine has been developed, which promises to give its receivers protection against the meningococcal bacterium Neisseria meningitidis. ANI

70-day diet of 'biscuits, cakes, fat-laden junk food' to help you lose weight!
Ever thought gobbling fat laden junk food, biscuits, cakes and other high-sugar could help shed those extra kilos? If not, then here's something you should know-an American professor managed to be leaner, healthier and happier after a 10-week junk-food diet. ANI

Drinking 100 pc fruit juice means higher intake of essential nutrients
Fruit juice drinkers were more likely than non-consumers to meet recommended levels of certain key nutrients, reveal researchers at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center and Baylor College of Medicine. ANI

Probiotic drinks 'cut chances of diarrhoea'
A new study by Cochrane researchers has claimed that probiotic drinks given as therapies for diarrhoea reduce the length of time sufferers are affected and lessen the chance of episodes continuing for more than four days. ANI

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