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Health News on December 3, 2010

Soyfoods protect against br*ast cancer, lower cholesterol
Including soyfoods in a balanced diet will protect against br*ast cancer, lower cholesterol, and support nutrient adequacy, say experts. ANI

Symptoms of Huntington's disease appear a decade before diagnosis
A new Australian research has revealed that people with Huntington's disease show symptoms more than a decade before they are likely to get a clinical diagnosis. ANI

Healthy lifestyle 'cuts risk of first stroke by 80pc'
Those who make healthy lifestyle choices- such as not smoking, eating a low-fat diet high in fruits and vegetables, drinking in moderation, exercising regularly and maintaining a normal body weight - can lower risk of first time stroke by 80 percent compared to those who don't make such changes, according to revised American Heart Association/American Stroke Association guidelines. ANI

Binge drinking linked to coronary heart disease
A new study has revealed that the pattern of drinking affects the relation of alcohol intake to coronary heart disease. ANI

Health impairment primarily due to bad lifestyle, not aging
Sports scientists have revealed that impairments to health and physical performance are not primarily a result of aging but of bad lifestyle habits and lack of exercise. ANI

Widely used arthritis pill shows promise against skin cancer
A new study has shown that a widely used arthritis drug could reduce the incidence of non-melanoma skin cancers - the most common cancers in humans. ANI

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