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Health News on December 27, 2010

Low vitamin D levels 'up respiratory infections in newborns'
A new study has suggested that newborns with low levels of vitamin D levels are at a higher risk of respiratory infections and the occurrence of wheezing during early childhood. ANI

'Good bacteria' in yogurt may not be as healthy as you think!
Probiotic yoghurts and yoghurt drinks may not be as healthy as they are claimed to be - the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found that there is not enough evidence that these products have a positive effect on the immune system and digestive health. ANI

'Miracle' diet pill reduces food cravings, burns calories even while sitting!
A new 'miracle' weight loss pill that is being used by the likes of Eva Longoria and Courteney Cox is all the rage. ANI

Texting before going to bed 'affects sleep, mood'
It may be time for you to put you cellphone aside before going to bed for it might affect your sleep and moods, according to a new study. ANI

Booze 'much more harmful than crack or heroin'
A study has revealed that alcohol causes much more damage to health than heroin or crack cocaine. ANI

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