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Health News on December 26, 2010

Coming soon: A trap to trick pregnant mosquitoes!
Experts are developing an innovative trap to fight dengue fever - using mosquitoes' motherly instincts. ANI

iPods filled with music could help patients recover from ops faster
Apple iPods loaded with patients' favourite music could help them recover from operations faster. ANI

Motivational interviewing for smoking cessation may not be best option
Experts have suggested that motivational interviewing, a popular counseling technique for many addictive behaviors, might not be the ideal treatment choice for those who smoke cigarettes. eter S. Hendricks, a University of Alabama at Birmingham researcher, says the reason might be, well - motivation. ANI

Reach your ideal weight by writing what you eat
If you're trying to shed those extra pounds and hitting the gym and dieting have failed to work, then try this. ANI

Here are 6 tips to kick start weight loss in the New Year
Now experts from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center can help you stick to that New Year's resolution of losing weight if you just follow these six tips. ANI

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