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Health News on December 23, 2010

Discovery suggests new way to prevent HIV from infecting human cells
Scientists have discovered how HIV binds to and destroys a specific human antiviral protein called APOBEC3F. ANI

Eating habits that ensure a longer life
A new study has found that the leading causes of death are no more infectious diseases but chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer - which may be affected by food habits. ANI

Mercury makes eco-bulbs 'a health hazard for babies and pregnant'
The European Union is phasing out the traditional 'incandescent bulbs' used for more than 120 years and is forcing people to switch to low-energy alternatives to meet its climate change targets. ANI

Obese people likelier to report exercise as trigger for asthma: Study
A new study has found that obese people are likelier to report exercise as the trigger for asthma. ANI

Nagging partners 'can give you heartache'
Nagging from a partner significantly increases the risk of suffering angina, the precursor to coronary artery disease, according to a new study. ANI

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