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Health News on December 21, 2010

Cambridge University students paid 250 pounds to take rave drug ketamine
Students from Cambridge University were paid 250 pounds to take part in a psychiatric study where they were injected with rave drug ketamine. ANI

New weight-loss mantra for teens: ditch the diet shakes and bars
If you are an obese teen looking to shed those pounds - here's a tip - ditch those diet bars and shakes, according to a new study. ANI

Malaria-infected cells stiffen, block blood flow to brain and other organs
For the first time, scientists have shown the malaria parasite's journeys in the body using advanced computer modeling and laboratory experiments. ANI

Features of metabolic syndrome prevalent in people with psoriasis
A new study has found that people with psoriasis have a high prevalence of the metabolic syndrome. ANI

Antibiotic used in meat, dairy industry slows prostate cancer growth
Finnish researchers have found that an antibiotic called 'monensin', used in the meat and dairy industry, could slow the growth of prostate cancer cells. ANI

Why a whole orange is better for you
Researchers at the Brigham Young University are squeezing all the healthy compounds out of oranges to find the right mixture responsible for their age-old health benefits. ANI

Burning brown fat could be the key to tackling obesity
A new discovery may pave way for treating obesity not just by diet and exercise, but simply by burning the right kind of fat - brown fat. ANI

Common dairy foods may cut diabetes risk
Scientists have discovered a natural substance in dairy fat that may substantially reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. ANI

Acid suppressive drugs may increase pneumonia risk
A new study has suggested that using acid suppressive medications, such as proton pump inhibitors and histamine2 receptor antagonists, may increase the risk of pneumonia. ANI

Nasal congestion 'can be a sign of severe asthma'
A new study has suggested that nasal congestion can be a sign of severe asthma. ANI

Echinacea 'does not ward off common cold'
Echinacea has been used by many as a common cold remedy for years, but a new study has revealed that the herbal treatment has minimal effect in relieving the symptoms or shortening the duration of the illness. ANI

Chocolate could be the key to tackling persistent cough
Researchers have claimed that chocolate could provide the key to tackling a persistent cough. ANI

Vitamin pills 'could damage your health'
People could be jeopardizing their well-being as well as wasting their money by popping vitamin pills, according to the consumer watchdog. ANI

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