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Health News on December 17, 2010

Childless couples 'enjoy a better diet of fruit and veggies than families'
A new study by experts at the University of Reading has revealed that childless couples enjoy a better diet of fruit and veg than families. ANI

Powerful biomarker panel for early detection of br*ast cancer discovered
Using a new, powerful method for rapidly screening molecules associated with br*ast cancer, scientists have discovered a broad panel of 28 early predictors, or biomarkers that may aid in the early diagnosis of the disease. ANI

How to accomplish weight loss resolutions in the New Year
The best way to shed those extra pounds is to break down the weight loss resolutions into small, manageable tasks you can work on every day. ANI

Genetic variation linked to liver cirrhosis in alcoholic Caucasians identified
A variation in the PNPLA3 (adiponutrin) gene is associated with cirrhosis of the liver and elevated transaminase (liver enzyme) levels in alcoholic Caucasians, a new study by German researchers has found. ANI

Eating at your desk 'could make you fat'
Eating at your desk makes you far more likely to snack later in the day, say scientists. ANI

E- ciggies much safer than real ones: Study
A new study has suggested that electronic cigarettes, the battery-powered devices that provide tobacco-less doses of nicotine in a vaporized solution, are much safer than real cigarettes. ANI

Garlic could protect against hip osteoarthritis
Women who consume a diet high in allium vegetables, such as garlic, onions and leeks, have lower levels of hip osteoarthritis, suggests a new study. ANI

Goji berries 'have a significant placebo effect'
Goji berries will not have any positive effect on people that do not follow a balanced diet, according to a University of Granada professor specialist in Nutrition. ANI

Almonds may help reduce risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease
A new research suggests that consuming an almond-enriched diet may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. ANI

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