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Health News on December 14, 2010

Higher taxes on sweetened drinks may not be enough to curb obesity
A new research has found that imposing higher taxes on sodas and other sweetened drinks may generate a lot of money - but leads to only minimal weight loss among most people. ANI

People with severe asthma need higher dose of H1N1 vaccine:Study
A government-sponsored study has shown that a standard dose of H1N1 influenza vaccine appears to work well in people who have asthma, but older patients with severe asthma may need a higher dose. ANI

Compound extracted from tree 'can help fight leukemia'
A new compound is showing promise against some forms of cancer like leukemia. ANI

We spend more time sick now than 10 years ago
A new study has shown that average "morbidity," or, the period of life spend with serious disease or loss of functional mobility, has actually increased in the last few decades. ANI

Smoking accounts for more than a third of severe rheumatoid arthritis cases
A new research has found that smoking accounts for more than a third of cases of the most severe and common form of rheumatoid arthritis. ANI

Kids who dislike fruits, veggies 'are 13 times more likely to be constipated'
Scientists have revealed that primary school children who don't like eating fruit and vegetables are 13 times more likely to develop functional constipation than children who do. ANI

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