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Health, Medicine, Fitness and Well-being news for September 11, 2009
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New study confirms smoking, cancer link (reissue)
Taking up smoking results in epigenetic changes associated with the development of cancer, UK scientists have reported. ANI

Blame your mom for your muffin top or thunder thighs
A new study by an international team of researchers, including Cambridge and Oxford experts, has revealed that our propensity to be apple or pear-shaped is at least partly in our genes. ANI

Chemicals in mother's blood linked to child's obesity
A team of scientists has revealed that babies whose mothers had relatively high levels of the chemical DDE in their blood were more likely to both grow rapidly during their first 6 months and to have a high body ma*s index (BMI) by 14 months. ANI

Health, Medicine, Fitness and Well-being news for September 11, 2009

Wireless pacemakers can keep heart patients in touch with docs
American doctors have implanted one of the first wireless pacemakers in the country. ANI

People having social groups stay healthy
If you are part of a social group, your are more likely to stay away from conditions like stroke, dementia and even the common cold. ANI

War talks can boost older adults mental health
Encouraging elderly to talk about old times can actually improve their memory and limit effects of dementia, finds a new study. ANI

Why pandemic swine flu causes more severe symptoms than seasonal flu
Scientists at Imperial College London have warned that pandemic swine flu can infect cells deeper in the lungs than seasonal flu can. ANI

How to make antibiotics more effective at lower doses
Researchers at the NYU School of Medicine say that they have gained significant insights into a mechanism that plays an important role in making human pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus anthracis resistant to numerous antibiotics. ANI

Why diet drugs work
Diet drugs work because they make people eat more healthily, claim psychologists. ANI

Top Brit doc backs call to ban alcohol ads
A leading British doctor is in full support of the BMAs call to ban alcohol advertising, as he feels that such publicity campaigns do have damaging effects on young people. ANI

Mental disorders may be more common than previously believed
An international study suggests that the prevalence of anxiety, depression and substance dependency may be twice as high as the mental health community has been led to believe. ANI

Indias swine flu death toll reaches 156
The Swine Flu death toll in India has gone up to 156, with the death of 11 more people reported from different parts of the country on Friday. ANI

Smoking ban can help waiters to quit smoking
Smoking ban in public places such as bars and restaurants also encourages those working in these places to kick the butt, finds a new study. ANI

Exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke linked to liver disease
People can develop liver disease even when they are exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke, according to a study. ANI

New biomarker can bring rapid relief from major depression
Scientists from University of California have identified a biomarker that can help accurately predict whether a particular drug will be effective in treating major depression. ANI

Kids with emotional difficulties at increased adult obesity risk
Children with emotional difficulties are at higher risk for obesity in adult life, according to a new study. ANI

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