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Health, Medicine, Fitness and Well-being news for March 6, 2009
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Health News

New study confirms smoking, cancer link (reissue)
Taking up smoking results in epigenetic changes associated with the development of cancer, UK scientists have reported. ANI

Blame your mom for your muffin top or thunder thighs
A new study by an international team of researchers, including Cambridge and Oxford experts, has revealed that our propensity to be apple or pear-shaped is at least partly in our genes. ANI

Chemicals in mother's blood linked to child's obesity
A team of scientists has revealed that babies whose mothers had relatively high levels of the chemical DDE in their blood were more likely to both grow rapidly during their first 6 months and to have a high body ma*s index (BMI) by 14 months. ANI

Health, Medicine, Fitness and Well-being news for March 6, 2009

Microbicide gel offers promising HIV prevention method for women
A v*nal microbicide gel has for the first time shown some promise to prevent HIV infection in women in a clinical trial involving more than 3,000 subjects in the U.S. and southern Africa. ANI

Scientists enlist HIV mutations vital to tracking AIDS epidemic
Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have compiled a list of 93 common mutations of the AIDS virus, which are associated with drug resistance. ANI

Just one false amino acid can limit hearts strength
Scientists at the Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany have found that just one false amino acid can limit the strength of heart in zebrafish. ANI

Mosquitoes may teach scientists a trick to block malaria transmission
Scientists may soon be equipped with a way to block the spread of malaria, as a team of researchers have for the first time revealed the means whereby most deadly malaria parasites are detected and killed by the mosquitoes that carry them. ANI

Hospital mobile phones spread superbugs
Mobile phones used by hospital workers can be a source of hospital-acquired infections that kill thousands of people every year, say researchers. ANI

Diabetes linked to dementia
Blindness, renal failure, stroke and heart disease are potential complications of type 2 diabetes. Now, a new study has found that diabetes can be a risk factor accelerating cognitive decline and dementia too. ANI

Green tea helps promote healthy teeth, gums
Routine intake of green tea can help promote healthy teeth and gums, according to a new study. ANI

Now, simple blood test to predict dementia risk
Scientists have developed a simple blood test that can help predict dementia risk. ANI

Exposure to family violence worsens physical, mental health of older women
Older women exposed to high levels of family violence during lifetimes are likely to have poor health, according to a new study. ANI

Sugar overdose can accelerate ageing
You need not search for that fountain of youth to stay young, for ageing can be kept at bay just by cutting back on sugar intake. ANI

Middle age activeness boosts mens longevity
Its never too late to start exercising, concludes a new study, which found that men who start doing physical activity when they are 50 can extend their life span by more than two years. ANI

Love handles impair lung function
Heres some bad news for people who carry excess weight around the middle: love handles can impair lung function. ANI

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