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Health, Medicine, Fitness and Well-being news for December 1, 2009
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New study confirms smoking, cancer link (reissue)
Taking up smoking results in epigenetic changes associated with the development of cancer, UK scientists have reported. ANI

Blame your mom for your muffin top or thunder thighs
A new study by an international team of researchers, including Cambridge and Oxford experts, has revealed that our propensity to be apple or pear-shaped is at least partly in our genes. ANI

Chemicals in mother's blood linked to child's obesity
A team of scientists has revealed that babies whose mothers had relatively high levels of the chemical DDE in their blood were more likely to both grow rapidly during their first 6 months and to have a high body ma*s index (BMI) by 14 months. ANI

Health, Medicine, Fitness and Well-being news for December 1, 2009

Dream-enacting behaviour common in healthy youngsters, says study
A new study by Canadian researchers has found that dream-enacting behaviour is common in healthy young adults. ANI

Antibiotic fails to prevent preterm labor
A new British study has found that antibiotic azithromycin is ineffective in preventing preterm labour. ANI

Skunk users seven times more likely to suffer from psychosis
Smokers, who take the highly potent form of cannabis known as skunk, have been found to be almost seven times more likely to develop a psychotic illness than those who use the traditional strength drug, says a new study. ANI

Call for BPA baby bottle ban after breast cancer link
British campaigners have called upon to put a ban on baby bottles containing controversial chemical Bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA. ANI

Long-term exercise prevents aging of cardiovascular system
A new study has shown that long-term exercising could prevent aging of the cardiovascular system. ANI

Alcohol consumption linked to pound a month weight gain: UK study
Alcohol consumption could lead to pound a month weight gain if a new study on Brits is anything to go by. ANI

Exposure to insect repellent linked to penis defects
Mums-to-be who are exposed to insect repellent in the earliest phase of pregnancy are likely to give birth to boys with hypospadias in p*ses, say researchers. ANI

Lead exposure during childhood causes permanent brain damage
Adults who were exposed to lead as children incur permanent brain injury, concludes a new study. ANI

Overweight kids may develop spinal abnormalities
Increased body mass index as a child could lead to early degeneration in the spine, says a new study. ANI

Cotton may soon feed millions
Scientists have found a way to reduce the poison present in cottonseed. ANI

Oxygen during CPR improves survival
Although it is said that people can survive cardiac arrest if they receive only chest compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Ohio researchers insist at some point there arises a need to add oxygen. ANI

Educational home visits may improve asthma symptoms in kids
Few home visits by health care professionals to educate kids with asthma about basic strategies for earlier symptom recognition and medication use can significantly help improve the condition, say researchers. ANI

Sugary cola drinks linked to higher gestational diabetes risk
Drinking too much sugar-sweetened cola a week prior to pregnancy may increase risk of developing gestational diabetes, according to a new study. ANI

Western diets turn on genes that make us obese
Heres a proof why a diet high in fat and in sugar should be avoided: a new research has shown that Western diets actually switch on genes that ultimately make us obese. ANI

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