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Health, Medicine, Fitness and Well-being news for September 16, 2008
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Health News

Blame your mom for your muffin top or thunder thighs
A new study by an international team of researchers, including Cambridge and Oxford experts, has revealed that our propensity to be apple or pear-shaped is at least partly in our genes. ANI

Blame your mom for your muffin top or thunder thighs
A new study by an international team of researchers, including Cambridge and Oxford experts, has revealed that our propensity to be apple or pear-shaped is at least partly in our genes. ANI

Meta-analysis shows folic acid supplements not beneficial for heart
A new meta-analysis has shown that the use of folic acid supplements does not appear to be associated with reduced rates of cardiovascular events, cancer or death over a five-year period. ANI

Health, Medicine, Fitness and Well-being news for September 16, 2008

Childhood brain cancer genes identified
In a breakthrough study, scientists at the University of Nottingham have identified three important genes involved in the development of a type of childhood brain cancer. ANI

Indian scientists reveal how memories of sinful meals protect binge eaters
If your last birthday went gorging on the cake, then the memory of the indulgence may help you choose a fruit salad next year round - in case youre an impulsive eater. ANI

Now, a potential HIV-test equivalent for early detection of lung cancer
A team of researchers led by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has confirmed the efficacy of a potential HIV-test equivalent for the early detection of lung cancer. ANI

Scientists studying if Nintendo Wii technology can help stroke patients
A team of British researchers is planning to assess whether motion sensors similar to those developed for video games like Nintendo Wii can help stroke patients relearn simple tasks. ANI

Coffee, nuts and booze may give men manboobs
Men should keep away from coffee, booze and nuts if they want to avoid sprouting manboobs, experts at Cambridge University suggest. ANI

Oestrogen can keep skin not exposed to sun young
Applying oestrogen to the skin can stimulate collagen production, which improves the appearance of the skin, in areas not typically exposed to the sun, suggests a new research. ANI

Indian-origin research to lead trials of new blood clot buster technique
An Indian-origin researcher will lead the first major trial of a catheter-based treatment for deep vein thrombosis, to evaluate the use of clot-dissolving drugs in combination with clot removal devices to prevent post-thrombotic syndrome in patients with DVT, the formation of a blood clot in a leg vein. ANI

How you can suffer a stroke during sex
If you think that sex is all about pleasure, then heres a new flash: a rare combination of factors can cause a person to suffer a stroke after the hot and steamy session - at least thats what a case of a 35-year-old woman suggests. ANI

Brain protein linked to Alzheimers disease
Researchers at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) may have reached a step closer to developing promising new treatments for Alzheimers disease, for they have found a link between the memory-robbing disorder and brain protein KIBRA. ANI

Molecule behind diverse human chronic inflammatory diseases identified
Virginia Tech researchers have uncovered a common connection between the cellular innate immunity network and chronic inflammatory diseases like atherosclerosis, Type 2 Diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases. ANI

Role of gene involved in childhood asthma differs among US, Afro-Americans kids
A gene variant responsible for increasing the risk of childhood asthma in European children acts the same way in white American kids, but not in African American children, says a new study. ANI

Antidote to deadly black spider venom comes closer to reality
Studying the composition of brown recluse spiders venom, scientists have identified a new family of chemicals that can be helpful in realising an effective antidote. ANI

Investigational drug raises hope for ovarian cancer patients
Women with recurrent ovarian cancer can be helped by giving an investigational drug in combination with chemotherapy, according to new results presented at the 33rd Congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) in Stockholm. ANI

Chianti wine may be the elixir of life
Italys most famous Chianti wine infused with a concoction of honey, cherries and secret herbs can be the secret to long life, according to an 18th century recipe. ANI

Protein that may stop cancer spread identified
Researchers from Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee have found a new synthetic form of protein that holds promise to stop cancer progression. ANI

Gefitinib shows promise in treating Asian nonsmokers with lung cancer
Researchers in Hong Kong have suggested that gefitinib should be considered a first-line therapy for non-smoking Asian patients with one of the most common types of lung cancer -adenocarcinoma. ANI

Herpes drug may help control HIV in patients infected with both viruses
A simple antiviral drug developed decades ago suppresses HIV in patients who are also infected with herpes, according to researchers at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), McGill University and other institutions. ANI

Soon, contact lenses that can deliver drugs into the eye
A chemical engineer at Auburn University in Alabama has created a contact-lens material that can be helpful in getting drugs into the eye in sufficient amounts, something considered to be a tricky business. ANI

Chamomile tea may help fight diabetes complications
Drinking chamomile tea daily can help prevent the complications of diabetes, which include loss of vision, suggests a new study. ANI

Healthy lifestyle does boost longevity
Eating an ultra-healthy diet, doing regular exercise and relaxation exercises can boost levels of an enzyme vital for guarding against age-related cell damage, according to a new research in The Lancet Oncology. ANI

Little-known intestinal bacterium may be emerging as next deadly superbug
A virulent strain of the common intestinal bacterium Clostridium difficile (C-diff) is emerging as a deadly superbug, warn physicians. ANI

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