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John McCain

About John McCain

John McCain is the Arizona Senator and the Republican Presidential Candidate who stood against Democratic nominee Barack Obama in the US Elections 2008. McCain with 168 votes in the Electoral College lost to Obama who got 367 votes. Sarah Palin is his running mate and vice-presidential candidate.

Professional Biography

US Elections 2008

Paris Hilton attacked McCain and Palin in response to the few television ads. By first week of October, McCain lost a 11-point lead to Obama according to a Gallup Poll. Speaking at supporters in Bethlehem, Penn, he referred to them as 'my fellow prisoners' when he apparently meant to say "my fellow Americans" and instead of drawing cheers, the puzzled audience was silent.

Reports say Obama's transition preparations, should he be elected as the President are more extensive then McCain.

First Presidential Debate

McCain spoke at the First Presidential Debate at Oxford, Mississippi. He said that he would be willing to go after al-Qaeda targets inside that country with or without the approval of the Pakistani authorities but stressed that he would hold talks with Pakistan and allow it to take action in conjunction with US forces.

US Elections 2008 - Advertising Campaigns

Atleast two advertisements from the McCaim camp are found to be 'less than truthful' (negative advertising) and media analysts say that he has to now face an unprecedented wave of negative advertisements from the Obama campaign in retaliation. The new Joe the Plumber ads are found good but many say that with days to go in this election, it is too late to adequately develop this theme. With this McCain has lost the advertisement and earned media war.

McCain supporters

US casino bosses have put all their money behind McCain in Nevada.

A University study said that if Obama is selected over McCain it will not alone to symoblize that a Black American becoming the President alone.

US President George W Bush and First Lady Laura Bush have cast their votes for McCain by filling out an early voting ballot that will be sent by mail back to Texas.

Early voting trends

Early voting trends give Obama 53 to 34 percent lead over McCain already long queues are seen outside polling booths in some states where early voting has begun.

Indo-Pak Relations

McCain, along with Senators Joseph Lieberman and Lindsey Graham visited Pakistan on December 5, 08 from New Delhi. Speaking to the media, he said that there is enough evidence of former ISI officers involvement in the planning and execution of terror attacks in Mumbai and warned that if Pakistan does not act fast to arrest them, India would air strike targets in Pakistan. McCain later met Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in Islamabad before proceeding to Kabul.

Other information


On 3 November 2012, Arizona Senator John McCain has requested the Barack Obama administration to give a full account of the attack on U.S. outposts in Libya. He insisted on the importance of a special committee to investigate the matter. Fellow Republican senators Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayotte also joined him in requests for a special committee.

John McCain in News

Judicial Watch Sues DHS on Behalf of Arizona Concerned Citizen for Records on Mass Release of Criminal Illegal Aliens

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Admiral James A. Winnefeld, Jr., Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Join Program Line-Up at the Reagan National Defense Forum: Building Peace Through Strength for American Security The Reagan Library, November 15, 2014
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation has announced that United States Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel will be delivering the closing remarks at the upcoming Reagan National Defense Forum, to be held on November 15, 2014

Joe Garza Predicts Future of Investment After Senate Crackdown
This week, the Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations held a hearing to question leaders of major banks and hedge funds about an alleged tax avoidance strategy. According to the Senate's report, these entities have used basket options to skirt billions in federal income tax

Reagan National Defense Forum: Building Peace Through Strength for American Security to Be Held at the Reagan Library, November 15, 2014

Homeownership Won't Be Casualty of Political Gridlock Strategists Tell Realtors(R)
Homeownership is expected to retain its political luster through the 2014 election cycle, even as lawmakers struggle to reach consensus on major policy issues like immigration and healthcare, said two top political strategists at today's Federal Legislative and Political Forum during the Realtor® Party Convention & Trade Expo.

Reagan National Defense Forum: Building Peace Through Strength Through 2025 to Be Held at the Reagan Library, November 16, 2013

National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) Announces Ed Cox, Chairman, New York Republican State Committee as Guest Speaker June 18, 2013 at Upcoming New York Conference
Ed Cox, Chairman of the New York Republican State Committee will be featured as the Guest Luncheon Speaker at the upcoming National Investment Banking Association conference, The 126th NIBA Sponsored Event, in New York, NY on June 18, 2013.

Celebrity Rails Inspire Imaginary Tales in the Verde Canyon
Due to the incredible scenery framed in the Verde Canyon Railroad's panoramic window, passengers may sometimes find themselves taking an imaginary train ride in the world of literature, music and movies. Relaxing in a beautifully appointed vintage rail car, it is easy to slip in to a starring role in an imaginary story.

Defense Logistics Agency Mandates SigNature(R) DNA on Microchips
Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB: APDN), a provider of DNA-based anti-counterfeiting and security solutions has been named by DoD Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), as the provider of authentication services for microcircuits supplied by defense contractors

Introducing Continuum Veterans Foundation
Continuum Veterans Foundation, a newly formed Massachusetts corporation that has applied for 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status, announced today that it will provide financial support to local and national non-profit organizations that are focused on helping veterans find jobs

Continuum Enhances Its Service Desk With Live 24 x 7 Coverage and CRM Integration
Continuum, a leading provider of remote monitoring and management (RMM) and business continuity solutions, announced today the expansion of its Service Desk offering to include live 24 x 7 end-user support and CRM Integration

INFORUM Presents Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black, a Candid Discussion on Their Bipartisan, Bipolar, Cross-Country Road Trip Live at the Castro Theatre
INFORUM today announced that it will host Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black on July 17 at the Castro Theatre, in conversation with Joan Walsh. McCain is a present day metropolitan leader of Young Republicans and Black is a dry, sarcastic comedian and liberal father of two -- together, they'll cross the political aisle and celebrate America.

US to significantly increase military presence in Kuwait following Iraq pull out
The United States is planning to significantly increase its military presence in Kuwait with 13,500 troops, according to a congressional report.

U.S. tells Pak new Afghan-U.S.-India forum 'not aimed against it'
A trilateral forum, which brings the United States and India in a new arrangement with Afghanistan, is not directed against Pakistan, a senior U.S. official has said.

Pak considering U.S. offer of 'soft apology' to end NATO route blockade impasse
Pakistan is considering the latest U.S. offer of a soft apology for the death of 24 soldiers in the Salala attack last year, hoping for a rapprochement with Washington.

McCain slams Obama administration for antagonising Pak with 'in your face attitude'
Leading American Senator John McCain has reportedly slammed the Obama administration for damaging the relationship between Washington and Islamabad.

Meghan McCain calls for marijuana legalization
Meghan McCain, who discussed her new book 'America, You Sexy Bitch', during an appearance on TV on Tuesday revealed that she wants to legalize marijuana.

Early Wisconsin recall exit polls show Obama having edge over Romney in presidential race
President Barack Obama would have an advantage over presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the battleground state of Wisconsin, if the presidential elections are held today, a poll has revealed.

Meghan McCain first exposed to 'blow job' by Bill Clinton's infidelity
Senator John McCain's daughter Meghan McCain has revealed in her book that she was first introduced to the concept of oral sex by Bill Clinton's infidelity scandal.

McCain condemns Obama's 'feckless' foreign policy, handling of Syrian crisis
Senator John McCain has condemned President Barack Obama's foreign policy and his handling of the Syrian crisis.

Pak Govt justifies 5,000 dollars fee for shipping containers
As Pakistan and the United States make some headway in bilateral talks, Islamabad's demand for 5,000 dollars per container for transporting goods to Afghanistan through its territory remains the biggest stumbling block.

Livid U.S. cuts 33 mln dollars in aid to 'double dealing' Pak over Osama doctor sentence
In a fresh blow to the battered relations between America and Pakistan, U.S. Congressmen on the powerful Senate appropriations committee have voted to deduct 1 million dollars from the 800 million dollars annual budget for each of the 33 years that Dr Shakeel Afridi has been sentenced to, for working with the U.S. Central Investigation Agency (CIA).

US Senators liken Pak's 5000 dollar per NATO truck demand to 'extortion'
U.S. Senators John McCain and Carl Levin, the chair and ranking members of the Senate Armed Services Committee have said the U.S. should not pay up to 5,000 dollars per truck to Pakistan, which McCain termed as "extortion", to resume NATO supplies into Afghanistan through its territory.

'Angry' U.S. to press Pak to overturn CIA-helping doc's 33-yr 'high treason' sentence
The U.S. has said it will press for the release of a Pakistani doctor who has been sentenced for 33 years for running a fake CIA vaccination programme as part of the hunt for Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden.

Obama tagged as 'Metrosexual black Abe Lincoln' by Republicans
US elections have shifted back to the economy as campaign teams for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are trading barbs.

'Good relations with Pakistan in US interest,' says McCain
US Republican Senator John McCain has said that it is in America's interest to have good relations with Pakistan.

Voters prefer older-looking presidents during wartime
Older-looking candidates running for president are preferred more than their younger-looking competitors in times of war, according to a new study.

Julianne Moore transforms into Sarah Palin for 'Game Change'
Julianne Moore looked almost like Sarah Palin when she donned a highly coiffed wig to transform herself into the former vice presidential nominee, for her latest film.

Young voters losing faith in Obama's ability to win 2012 White House race: Poll
A new poll has found that young voters are losing faith in US President Barack Obama's ability to win the 2012 White House race.

US Congress supports withdrawing or reducing aid to Pak: Senator
US Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein has said withdrawing military or economic aid to Pakistan will not help, but warned that the Congress supported such measure.

US must "fully review" its ties, economic funding with Pak: American senators
The United States must "fully review" its ties with Pakistan and consider cuts or new restrictions on military and economic aid, Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have said.

Romney, Perry's campaign ads under scanner for conveying 'blatant lies' about Obama
Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have come under the scanner for circulating blatant lies about US President Barack Obama through their television commercials for their political campaign.

John McCain tweets support on daughter's first day at work
US Senator John McCain tweeted in support of his daughter Meghan McCain as she took up her new job as a paid contributor with MSNBC, appearing on the network's new show 'Now with Alex Wagner'.

Romney's White House campaign TV ad aims at 'failed' Obama, ignores GOP foes
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's first television advertisement of the 2012 White House campaign challenges US President Barack Obama directly by declaring the latter has "failed" in his job.

McCain predicts emergence of third political party in US
Three years after losing his bid for the White House to President Barack Obama, Arizona's Republican Senator John McCain is predicting the emergence of a third political party that he is dubbing the "Fed-Up Party."

U.S. may consider military action in Syria: McCain
US Senator John McCain has said that his country might consider military action to protect civilians in Syria, especially now that NATO's air campaign in Libya is ending.

100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation
The 2011 Centennial of Naval Aviation has been celebrated across the country throughout the course of the year paying tribute to the amazing progress and achievements of the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Aviation. At the closing of the Centennial year, on December 1, men and women who have shaped the legacy of Naval Aviation over the past century will assemble in Washington, D

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