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About Jimmy Carter

James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr. (born October 1, 1924) served as the thirty-ninth President of the United States from 1977 to 1981. He is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Personal Biography

Rosalynn is his wife.

Professional Biography

As Past-President of the US

On Barack Obama

In September 09, Carter said said Republican representative Joe Wilsons outburst to President Barack Obama during a speech to Congress last week was an act based on racism and rooted in fears of a black president. He said racism is behind animosity to Obama.

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Top Conservation Leaders Honored at National Conservation Achievement Awards
RESTON, VA--(Marketwired - May 12, 2015) - The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), America's largest wildlife conservation and education organization, recognized six honorees for their outstanding contributions to the conservation field at NWF's annual Conservation Achievement Awards on May 14th, 2015 at the Ronald Reagan Building, in Washington, D.C.

Macmillan Audio Joins hoopla digital; Publisher Will Provide Audiobooks on hoopla digital to Public Libraries in Pilot Program
Macmillan Audio President and Publisher Mary Beth Roche and Jeff Jankowski, Founder and Vice President of Midwest Tape and hoopla digital, have reached a deal to begin a pilot to distribute Macmillan's audiobooks to public libraries and their patrons via hoopla digital.

What Do a Broadway Actress, U.S. Navy Captain and College Students Have to Do With Your Vote?
GREAT DIVIDE RANCH, MT--(Marketwired - September 15, 2014) - Transparency in government is evolving from a political tagline into an exciting reality thanks to Vote Smart's multi-cultural, cross-generational volunteers and their new tools for voters

Landmark School Senior, Simon English, Named Winner of the National Gettysburg Address Competition
Simon English, Landmark School senior, delivered the winning rendition of The Gettysburg Address at the first annual competition held at Greenwood School in Putney, VT as part of documentarian Ken Burns' Learn the Address initiative. Thirteen schools from across the U.S

ZTE Hosts President Carter as China-U.S. Dynamic Drives Business Growth
ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063

Grassroot Refinery Buildout Under Way in North Dakota, an Industrial Info News Alert
Written by John Egan for Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas) -- North Dakota is having a genuine grassroot refinery boom. Two small refineries in this state broke ground earlier this year, a third is working to secure financing, and a fourth is rumored to be in the works. Given that the last grassroot refinery to be built in the U.S

Sue Richter Joins FFF Enterprises as Vice President of Marketing and Communications
FFF Enterprises, Inc., the nation's largest and most trusted distributor of plasma products, vaccines and critical-care biopharmaceuticals, announced today the appointment of Sue Richter to the position of Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

Carter States That the Election Process in Venezuela is “the Best in the World”
Former US President Jimmy Carter stated “As a matter of fact, of the 92 elections that we've monitored, I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world" during the kickoff of the Annual Conversations at the Carter Center series

George W. Bush voted 'most unpopular living former U.S. President'
George W. Bush has been voted the most unpopular living former US president, in a poll.

Ex-American prez Carter says irregularities will not affect final Egyptian poll results
Former American President Jimmy Carter has said that some incidents of violations were noted by monitors during the presidential elections, adding that such irregularities would not affect final results.

Former US Prez Carter 'comfortable' with Romney but believes Obama will win re-election
Former US President Jimmy Carter has said that he would be "comfortable" with a President like Mitt Romney, but believes that current US President Barack Obama will keep his job.

Nearly nine in ten Americans view first president George Washington favorably
George Washington still ranks as Americans' first president, according to a new poll out Friday.

Bachmann proclaims herself 'America's Margaret Thatcher' in White House campaign
The 2012 White House contender Michele Bachmann is projecting herself as "America's Margaret Thatcher" ahead of the January 3aucuses.

US decides in principle to allow Saleh's entry for medical treatment, claim officials
The United States has decided in principle to allow the embattled Yemeni President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to enter the nation for medical treatment, but with certain conditions, two administration officials have said.

Ex-Bill Clinton pollsters want Obama to step aside for Hillary
Two pollsters, who once worked for former president Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, have said that President Barack Obama should give up on the idea of serving another four years in the White House and give way to Hillary Clinton to run as the Democratic nominee.

Walter Mondale's daughter kept secret diary about her affair with Bill Clinton
Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of former US vice president Walter Mondale who died of brain cancer last week, is said to have kept a secret diary about her alleged affair with Bill Clinton.

Obama's low job approval ratings similar to that of re-elected past US Presidents
United States President Barack Obama's overall job approval rating was down to just 43 percent in the latest CBS News/New York Times Poll, his lowest rating so far.

Over half Americans endorse Obama's job creation programme despite declining popularity
A new poll has shown that support for US President Obama is rapidly eroding and both Republicans and Obama are losing support of Independent electoral group.

Obama's win will determine if he is an 'average' or 'great' president: Study
Obama is likely to be viewed as an 'average' American president, if he fails to secure a second term in office, a study has revealed.

Democrats express doubts over Obama's reelection, hope Hillary will step in
Democrats are beginning to ask if incumbent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would have made a better president than Barack Obama, and now are expressing serious doubts about the latter's ability to win re-election next year.

US lobbied to stop 1970s Pakistan nuke drive: Declassified documents
The United States had waged a secret diplomatic campaign in the 1970s to prevent Pakistan from developing nuclear weapons, by pressing countries to control exports, according to declassified documents.

John Lennon was closet conservative, Ronald Reagan's fan
Late John Lennon's former personal assistant has revealed that the former Beatles star was a closet conservative and a fan of Ronald Reagan.

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