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Barack Obama during 2008 United States General Elections

About Barack Obama during 2008 United States General Elections

Obama stood as the Democratic White House nominee and is the first African American presidential nominee.

Former President Bill Clinton, in his first campaign trail appearance on behalf of Obama said Obama has better answers than McCain. However, the Clintons are doing bare minimum for Obama after Hillary was not promised judgeship.

Indian students believe Obama will be next US president as he is a good candidate and an orator.

Barack Obama supporters & anti-supporters

Obama has a huge list of celebrity supporters. The list includes former President Bill Clinton, Rapper Jay-Z amongst others. Ku Klux Klan chief Thomas Robb warned of a racial war if Obama comes to power.

Election campaign

Statistics show that Obama use 34% negative campaign ads.

His wife Michelle helped Barack in the election campaign. She campaigned with the students of the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Early voting trends

Early voting trends give Obama 53 to 34 percent lead over McCain already long queues are seen outside polling booths in some states where early voting has begun.

Election victory

Obama got 367 votes in the Electoral College against McCain who got 168 votes.

Other Related Information

  • In November 08, Poland Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski jokingly and allegedly passed racist jibes on US President-elect Obama saying that his grandfather was a cannibal, and ate a Polish missionary!
  • Christopher Andersen's book Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage claims that Michelle had at one time given her husband silent treatment during the presidential campaign because a large number of women used to flirt with him.

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