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2012 United States Presidential Elections

About 2012 United States Presidential Elections

The 2012 United States presidential elections was held on November 6, 2012. It is the 57th quadrennial presidential election in which presidential electors, who will actually elect the President and the Vice President of the United States on December 17, 2012, will be chosen. Democratic President Barack Obama has won the re-election defeating Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

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The 2012 presidential election will coincide with the United States Senate elections where 33 races will be occurring as well as the United States House of Representatives elections to elect the members for the 113th Congress. The election will also encompass eleven gubernatorial races as well as many state legislature races.


The following candidates have formally declared that they are running for the 2012 US Presidential Election.

Democratic Party

Republican Party

  • Michele Bachmann - U.S. Representative from Minnesota
  • Herman Cain - Businessman from Georgia and former Federal Reserve banker
  • Newt Gingrich - former U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives from Georgia
  • Gary Johnson - Governor of New Mexico
  • Tim Pawlenty
  • Jon Huntsman
  • Fred Karger - political consultant and gay rights activist from California
  • Andy Martin - perennial candidate from Illinois
  • Jimmy McMillan - perennial candidate from New York
  • Ron Paul - U.S. Representative from Texas
  • Tim Pawlenty - former Governor of Minnesota
  • Buddy Roemer - former Governor of Louisiana
  • Mitt Romney - former Governor of Massachusetts
  • Rick Santorum - former Senator from Pennsylvania
  • Jonathon Sharkey - perennial candidate from Florida

Green Party

  • Stewart Alexander - activist
  • Kent Mesplay - Green Party activist and air quality inspector from California

Libertarian Party

  • R. Lee Wrights - author, activist, and former Libertarian National Committee member

Prohibition Party

  • James Hedges - Prohibition activist and former Thompson Township Tax Assessor from Pennsylvania

Obama Campaign

Stephanie Cutter served as President Barack Obama's deputy campaign manager in the 2012 election. Speaking at the seventh annual RootsCamp conference for progressive organizers in Washington, D.C., Cutter said that she didn't understand why Mitt Romney's campaign didn't forcefully defend its candidate's business experience.

Obama's campaign hit Romney on Bain during the campaign, painting the Republican candidate as a corporate takeover artist whose firm specializes in outsourced U.S. Jobs.

2012 United States Presidential Elections in News

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Obama finds Perry, Romney 'credible' candidates for 2012 US prez race
US President Barack Obama has said he considers Rick Perry and Mitt Romney as "credible" Republican candidates for the 2012 US presidential elections.

Bachmann ahead of Romney, Pawlenty in latest Iowa caucus poll
The latest poll has shown that Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachman leads the Republican candidates for the 2012 Iowa caucus.

Sarah Palin leads GOP field, Romney best against Obama: Poll
A new Reuters/Ipsos poll has revealed that Republicans want Sarah Palin to be their presidential nominee for their party, but they also want Mitt Romney to compete against Barack Obama in the 2012 US presidential elections.

Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain announces GOP presidential bid
Former CEO of Godfather's Pizza Herman Cain has announced his bid for the GOP US presidential nomination while addressing a rally at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta.

Attention-savvy Sarah Palin keeps stirring presidential run speculations
Though there is no definitive evidence on whether former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be running for US President in 2012, her recent activities- her speech over the weekend in Wisconsin, promotion thereof and the re-launch of her official website- suggest that she very much wants to be part of the political conversation.

Michael Moore wants actor Matt Damon to run for US president
Filmmaker Michael Moore has publicly called on Hollywood actor Matt Damon to run for US president in 2012, after praising him for taking a 'courageous' stand on key political issues.

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