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Gordon Brown worst offender in MPs expenses scam
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been exposed as the worst cabinet offender in the MPs expenses scandal, with 21,189.53 pounds claimed from taxpayers cash as cleaning costs. ANI

Indian migrants using student loan scam to get UK visas
Serious loopholes in British immigration rules are potentially allowing thousands of young Indians to enter Britain on falsely obtained student visas. ANI

Labours plan to dramatically downscale historic Whitehall revealed
The British Government wants a review into the possibility of relocating some of the 132,000 civil servants and 90,000 employees out of London in a dramatic downscaling of Whitehall, leaked sections of a report to be published in a fortnight revealed. ANI

Co-founder of Nair and Co. receives achievement award
Dr. Shan Nair, Co-founder of Nair and Co., a leading global integrated solution provider helping companies expand internationally, accepted the Gullands Excellence Award for achievement in science and business at a glittering ceremony held recently in London. ANI

Co-founder of Nair & Co. Receives Achievement Award
Business Wire India

Brown moving Brit seat of power away from 10 Downing Street after 300 years
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has decided to move the seat of power in Britain away from 10 Downing Street in a break with 300 years of history.According to The Sun, Brown has decided to set up an open plan war room operation and is moving the heart of Government to 12 Downing Street.His move is aimed at sharpening up his Government and equipping himself to make decisions more quickly in the face of the global financial crash. ANI

Brit minister says boozing best way to celebrate British national day!
British Immigration Minister Liam Byrne says that alcohol consumption and television watching will be suitable to celebrate the proposed bank holiday in the country. ANI

Britain desperate for foreign ballet dancers, racehorse trainers, and sheep shearers!
An official list has been released describing the qualities that are welcome and unwelcome in a migrant who has plans to work in Britain. ANI

Dr. Shan Nair of Nair and Co. wins Gullands Excellence Award
Dr. Shan Nair, Co-founder of Nair and Co., a leading global integrated solution provider helping companies expand internationally, will accept the Gullands Excellence Award presented by the NRI Institute for his contributions in the science and IT sectors on September 27. ANI

Dr. Shan Nair of Nair & Co. Wins the Gullands Excellence Award
Business Wire India

Foreign students can stay in UK for extra year
Foreign students will be able to work in Britain or an extra year after graduating before being sent home, ministers will say. ANI

Brown backs off on language tests for migrants
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has decided to amend a legislation that insists that prospective foreign spouses have to take an English proficiency test before marrying a British citizen. ANI

UK ministers drop plans for £1,000 cash bond for foreign relatives
In a new move, UK ministers have scraped off a plan that required Britons to pay a cash bond of 1000 pounds for foreign relatives visiting the country. ANI

Victoria Cross winner returns medal to protest treatment of fellow UK Gorkhas
A Gorkha war veteran, who won the Victoria Cross, has delivered dozens of his medals to Downing Street in protest at the treatment of his fellow soldiers. ANI

August bank holiday should be national day in United Kingdom says Byrne
With a view to promote a common British identity, Liam Byrne, the Immigration Minister, said that the August bank holiday should become United Kingdoms national day. ANI

Immigrants getting British citizenship every three minutes in the UK
Becoming British is getting much easier these days, for immigrants are getting British passports at a rate of one every three minutes, which in itself is a record till date. ANI

New immigration rules will give Brits first preference for jobs
New immigration rules announced by the Gordon Brown Government have ensured that Britishers will be given first preference for jobs in the future. ANI

Indian restaurants in the UK are in crisis
There was a time in the United Kingdom when the British public was addicted to South Asian cuisine, especially popular dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, but not anymore. ANI

Illegal immigrant found cleaning British House of Commons
An illegal immigrant from Brazil has been arrested after she was found to be working inside the House of Commons using a fake identity pass. ANI

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