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William Hague

About William Hague

William Hague is British Foreign Secretary.

William Hague in News

UK commits £5 million to Free Syrian Army
Support will include more radio and satellite equipment to the rebels

Syria Defence Minister General Rajha and Deputy Defence official Shawkat dead in suicide bomb attack
Blast takes place inside national security building in Damascus

Iran, Britain to open interests sections: Iranian FM
Iran and Britain have agreed to open interests sections after the two countries shut down their respective embassies seven months ago, the Press TV reported on Thursday.

Britain supports democracy in Pak: William Hague
Foreign Secretary William Hague has said that Britain has not sided with any political party, but rather supports democracy in Pakistan.

France pushing for UNSC to make Annan's peace plan mandatory in Syria
France has demanded that the United Nations Security Council make Kofi Annan's peace plan for Syria legally binding on that country.

British Foreign Secretary voices concern over Pak-U.S. deadlock
British Foreign Secretary William Hague has expressed his concern over the deadlock between Islamabad and Washington over the reopening of NATO supply routes.

Imran Khan calls for depoliticisation of state institutions for good governance
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has expressed the need for good governance by depoliticisation of state institutions, bureaucracy and the police.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague arrives in Pakistan
British Foreign Secretary William Hague arrived in Islamabad on Tuesday for talks on bilateral and regional issues, focusing on peace and security in the region, officials said.

British Foreign Secretary in Islamabad to break Pak-U.S. impasse
British Foreign Secretary William Hague is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan on Tuesday, hours after the U.S. technical team left Pakistan, apparently to help the two estranged allies resolve their deadlock over a U.S. apology and Pakistan's reopening of NATO supplies.

Ukraine says UK ministers' misjudged snub of Euros to make no difference
Ukraine's ambassador to Britain has called the ministerial boycott of England's Euro 2012 group matches 'a misjudgment,' and added that it will make little difference.

London to broker deal between estranged allies Pak and U.S.
British Foreign Secretary William Hague will visit Islamabad next week apparently to broker a deal between Pakistan and the United States, in a bid to end the months-long deadlock in the troubled relationship between the estranged allies.

UK ministers to boycott Euros over 'selective justice' to jailed ex Ukrainian PM
Ministers in Britain will boycott England's group games in the European football championships in Ukraine.

Ban Ki-moon warns of 'imminent and real' threat of civil war in Syria
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said that Syria faces the risk of civil war, which he believes is 'imminent and real'.

UK SAS sets up safe camps for Syrian refugees
British defense chiefs have made secret plans to provide safe havens to refugees escaping the Assad regime in Syria.

Al-Qaeda gaining foothold in Syria, warns UK Foreign Secretary Hague
UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned that the Al-Qaeda was gaining a foothold in strife-torn Syria.

Russia condemns Syria for Houla massacre
Russia has strongly condemned Syria's massacre of almost 108 people. The (Syrian) government bears the main responsibility for what is going on," CBS News quoted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as saying after a meeting with British Foreign Secretary William Hague.

UK gives Russia ultimatum to intervene in Syrian crisis before 'its too late'
Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague has reportedly issued an ultimatum to Russia to intervene in the Syrian crisis before 'it was too late'.

32 children massacred as Syrian forces target rebels
A regime-backed massacre in Syria has left almost 32 children among more than 90 dead.

Syrian Games Committee head may face Olympic ban over links to Prez Bashar Assad
The head of Syria's national Olympic committee may be banned from attending the London Games 2012 because of his links to President Bashar Assad.

Angelina Jolie backs UK campaign against sexual violence in war zones
Angelina Jolie is extending her support to the launch of a new Government initiative aimed at tackling sexual violence in war zones across the world.

Senior Al Qaeda members moving to 'new jihad theatre' North Africa from Pak
Senior al-Qaeda members are feared to be moving to north Africa to open up a new front after being targeted in Pakistan.

UK should pursue 'ingenious diplomacy' to avoid war with Iran: Ex Foreign Secretary
Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has warned that the country should pursue "ingenious diplomacy" to avoid a war with Iran, since military action would be unjustified.

'Iran will respond with "a strong slap and iron first" if West targets country's nuke programme'
Tehran, Nov 11 (ANI): Iran's Supreme leader has warned Israel and the United States that Tehran would respond with "a strong slap and iron first" if either of them launched a military strike on the country's nuclear programme.

Pak expresses its 'rage' to US,UK over deadly cross-border NATO airstrike
Pakistan has expressed its "rage" to the United States over cross-border NATO air strikes that killed 24 soldiers, and ordered a full-scale review of its alliance with the US and NATO.

MI6 foiled Gaddafi's suicide bomb assassination plot against Western diplomats
British intelligence agency M16 has exposed a plot by former Libyan ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to assassinate Western diplomats and his country's revolutionary leaders, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has said.

Military action against Iran may have 'unintended consequences' in region: Panetta
US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has warned that military action against Iran could have 'unintended consequences' in the region.

Israel may launch strike on Iranian nuke sites 'as early as next month'
Israel may launch a strike on Iran as soon as next month in order to prevent the Islamist regime from developing nuclear weapons.

Cameron warns over "heavy-handed" crackdown on Internet freedom
British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that fears of cyber attacks and increasing online crime should not be used as an excuse for a "heavy-handed" crackdown on freedom on the internet.

Expert warns of 'cyber world war' with 'catastrophic consequences'
A leading internet security expert has warned that a cyber terrorist attack with "catastrophic consequences" looked increasingly likely in a world that is already in a state of near 'cyber war'.

China, Russia behind 'cyber war' aimed at stealing security secrets: Ex-UK minister
Britain's former security minister Baroness Neville-Jones has accused China and Russia of carrying out cyber warfare attacks aimed at stealing national security secrets from other countries.

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