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About 90210

90210 is a popular television serial.

Beverly Hills 90210

In August 2008, Shannen Doherty who appears as Brenda Walsh, said that the Beverly Hills 90210 will be featuring oral sex in first episode scheduled from September 2, 2008. Brunette beauty Doherty, who starred as Brenda Walsh in the original, will appear in the show alongside Garth who played Kelly Taylor. In March 09, Doherty said she will be re-appearing in the season finale of the show again.

In July 09, it has emerged that American actress Rumer Willis is set to guest star on 90210.


90210 in recent news

90210 in News

World's first 1,000mph car project 'on track'
The British project to develop the world's first 1,000mph car is on track.

Coming soon: a diving suit that turns humans into fish
Humans may now be able go deep inside the waters, as a US scientist has designed a scuba suit would allow us to breathe liquid like fish.

Rare disease 'paves way for creating stem cells'
Harvard researchers have found that by mimicking a rare genetic disorder in a dish, they can rewind the internal clock of a mature cell and drive it back into an adult stem-cell stage.

Coming soon: Airplanes that look like birds!
Airplanes may soon start looking like birds as scientists are pondering over re-designing the current airplanes to make them more fuel-efficient.

Brit TV dramas portray characters with mental health issues as 'dangerous'
A study of peak-time British programme has indicated that television dramas too often portray characters with mental health problems as "dangerous".

Kiwi Army to send robot to see if trapped miners are alive
The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has decided to send in a robot into the Pike River Coal mine in a bid to rescue 29 trapped miners.

South Africa's 'Whoonga' craze: mixing HIV drugs with marijuana
Patients suffering from AIDS in South Africa are unable to get right quantities of their lifesaving drugs so that they can be mixed with marijuana and smoked, say authorities and health experts.

Pastor who banned 'infidelity' Facebook had threesome with wife, church aide
A pastor who claimed that Facebook was a 'portal to infidelity' has revealed that he had threesome s*x with his wife and a male church assistant.

William's pals to stage special fly-past on wedding day
It seems that Prince William's Royal Air Force (RAF) pals have some special plans to mark his wedding day.

Warne calls for brave captaincy from 'by-the-book-type' Ashes captains
Former Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne has urged Ashes captains Ricky Ponting and Andrew Strauss to be brave and use a 'gambler's instinct' while taking their decision in the upcoming series.

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