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Space shuttle Endeavour is a premier space shuttle of NASA. On June 17, 2009, Endeavour's STS-127 launch was scrubbed when gaseous hydrogen leak was detected at the Ground Umbilical Carrier Plate. Endeavour's next launch attempt is scheduled for July 11 at 7:39 p.m. EDT.

NASA Endeavour in News

UPDATE: CSCMP SF Features Oracle Sun's Value Transformation Story

CSCMP SF Features Oracle Sun's Value Transformation Story

Science & Sci-Fi Event -- Evolution Expo 2014 -- Coming to Bay Area June 27-29 Headlined by Keynote Speaker Mayim Bialik and U.S. Astronauts Joe Edwards and Wendy Lawrence
The first-of-its-kind Evolution Expo 2014 is coming to the Oakland Marriott City Center this June 27-29 for a three-day event full of science and science fiction-related exhibits, workshops and presentations, it was announced today by Science Fiction Entertainment, Inc. (SFE). Keynote speaker Mayim Bialik, a neuroscientist and star of the hit show "The Big Bang Theory," and U.S

Plump Engineering Turns Safe Transport of Massive High-Profile Objects Into Science
Recent high-profile transportation projects have increased awareness around the science of moving massive objects and more specifically Plump Engineering, a fully integrated architecture and engineering firm specializing in transporting heavy objects through urban environments

The Next Era in Space Travel and Exploration Continues as Endeavour's Final Flight Ends
The space shuttle Endeavour will be traveling through the streets of Los Angeles to her new and final home at the California Science Center on Friday, October 12. It will bring a bittersweet end to a notable era in U.S. space exploration, but an exciting new era of privatized space exploration is already well under way.

Endeavour Flies Over the Jewelry Exchange
The Jewelry Exchange staff and customers were treated to a spectacular show this afternoon as the Space Shuttle Endeavour soared over the building on its way to Los Angeles International Airport

Astronauts to hold Summer Olympics aboard Space Station
A crew of astronauts due to launch to the space station this summer is planning an orbital sporting event to mark the upcoming Olympic Games in London.

Chips carried to space to test new kind of spacecraft
For the first tests of a new kind of spacecraft, space shuttle Endeavour carried three chips to the International Space Station in May.

Endeavour lands safely after final space mission
Space shuttle Endeavour landed safely at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida early Wednesday, ending its final mission to space.

Endeavour heads back home after completing final mission
After completing an epic 11-day adventure in the orbit, Space Shuttle Endeavour and its crew are now scheduled to return back on Earth early on Wednesday.

Shuttle Endeavour docks at space station ahead of final launch
NASA'S space shuttle Endeavour docked with the International Space Station for the 12th and final time on Wednesday after a two-day orbital chase.

NASA to launch Endeavour's final mission on May 16
The date for the launch of NASA's space shuttle Endeavour has been finalised for May 16.

NASA's space shuttle Endeavour to launch no earlier than May 16
NASA has retargeted its space shuttle Endeavour's launch to no earlier than Monday, May 16.

NASA's Endeavour launch delayed again until at least May 8
NASA has once again delayed the final launch of space shuttle Endeavour at least the end of the week, as it is working to correct the electrical problem that postponed Friday's original launch attempt.

NASA's delays launch of space shuttle Endeavour till May 2
The launch of NASA's space shuttle Endeavour has been delayed till May 2.

NASA sets space shuttle Endeavour's final launch for April 29
Space shuttle Endeavour is officially scheduled for an April 29 launch, according to NASA.

Pope Benedict XVI may make first call to space on May 4
A NASA official has revealed that Pope Benedict XVI may make a special call to the International Space Station during the upcoming flight of the space shuttle Endeavour.

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