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Expert: Upcoming Solar Eclipse Poses High Vision Damage Risk
WATERLOO, ON--(Marketwired - March 19, 2015) - Many parts of the UK and Europe will witness a rare solar eclipse around rush hour this Friday morning. Authorities are issuing safety warnings for viewers, especially drivers.

Eye-Catching Images Offered for Displays Showing Light Science, Light-Based Technologies
Human interactions take place around light, be it daylight, campfire, or LEDs. While the role of light in life itself on Earth has been long acknowledged, light-based science and technology have revolutionized modern life through applications in medicine, communications, entertainment, and culture.

New Book Discusses Implications of Decoupling Civil Timekeeping From the Earth's Rotation
Analytical Graphics, Inc. announces that the American Astronautical Society has just published "Decoupling Civil Timekeeping from Earth Rotation," a book on the future of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the foundation for almost all clocks around the world. The book details the proceedings of a colloquium held at AGI in October 2011.

Giant asteroid to 'narrowly miss' Earth on Monday
UK experts have said that a newly discovered asteroid the size of an office block will narrowly miss the Earth on Monday - coming 23 times closer than the moon.

NASA's WISE mission discovers 'horseshoe' asteroid
An asteroid, which has recently been discovered by NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE), is a bit different from most near-Earth asteroids (NEAs).

NASA'S NEOWISE finds previously unknown 20 comets, 33,000 asteroids
NASA has completed its mission of surveying the solar system and has discovered previously unknown objects, including 20 new comets and more than 33,000 asteroids in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Solar eclipse will occur on January 4, 2011
Scientists have said that Europe and India will witness a solar eclipse next year on January 4th.

The L'Oreal Foundation and UNESCO Recognize Five Exceptional Women Scientists With the 2011 For Women in Science Awards
Professor Ahmed Zewail, President of the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards Jury, today announced the five Laureates of the 2011 program. Each year, five outstanding women scientists -- one per continent -- are honored for the contributions of their research, the strength of their commitments and their impact on society

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