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Hansie Cronje

About Hansie Cronje

Hansie Cronje is a former South African Cricket player. He served as the capital of the team.

Hansie Cronje in News

I felt for all of South Africa when Cronje confessed to match fixing: Waugh
Former Australian captain Steve Waugh has said he felt bad for all of South Africa when their inspirational captain Hansie Cronje confessed to having indulging in match fixing.

'Shattered' Hansie Cronje was 'embarrassed to be seen in public' after 'spot fixing' conviction
The London court's verdict against three Pakistan cricketers over last year's 'spot fixing' scandal has led the family members of Hansie Cronje to reveal almost a decade after his death how the former South African skipper was filled with regret and was 'embarrassed to go out in public' over his role in a similar scandal that had shaken international cricket years ago.

ICC clueless when it comes to spot-fixing: Cronje bookmaker
The bookmaker who had contacted former South African captain Hansie Cronje to fix a Test match against England reckons that the International Cricket Council (ICC) is clueless when it comes to spot-fixing.

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